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Business Goal: Lead Generation

Bot Utility

  • Customer support (answering questions asked by investors & borrowers, thus reducing the volume of queries directed to customer service staff)
  • Lead generation (generating leads for every category of loan offered)

Traffic & Bot Placement

  • Monthly active users on partner website is around 10,000 (as per Similarweb).
  • The bot was placed on all pages of the partner website.
  • Users did not need to log in to engage with the bot.
  • Bot prompts were not enabled.

Details collected from users

  • Name
  • Email-Id
  • Mobile number
  • Residential city

The Problem

  • The incoming traffic on the bot was low.
  • There was a high number of drop-offs at various stages of the chat flow.

Our Solution

1. Task-box reordering

2. UI Changes

  • The images were changed in the carousels, as earlier images were looking almost the same for all steps.
  • Users were now able to see 2 steps on a single screen, which increased the chances of users going ahead in the flow, as compared to earlier where they could view only 1 CTA.

3. Follow up messages & re-ordering UI elements

‘Get in Touch’ CTA added to most used loan tasks

4. Relevant CTA’s

Prioritization of high-usage tasks in the menu

Data Validation

Bot performance before and after implementation of changes
Average User Feedback before and after implementation of changes
  • The re-ordering of tasks because of which users are able to find the most relevant tasks up front.
  • A campaign executed by our enterprise partner in the 1st week of the month following implementation of our changes.
Drop off per task before and after implementation of changes

Key Insights

  1. It is imperative to have the task order designed as per the usage. Most users should get what they were looking for in the first look.
  2. Bot design, colors and elements should always be in sync with the native website.
  3. The CTA’s should be aligned with the goal of the bot. It gives users more flexibility and significantly increases the probability of task completion.
  4. Follow up messages should be used. These help with bringing the user back to the conversation and continue the flow, thus reducing drop offs. Users are less likely to feel lost in this case.



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