“It is the age of conversational marketing in which brands must engage, support and provide personalized experiences in real-time to keep customers happy and drive CSAT.

Chatbots are not only among the fastest-growing communication channels but also an integral part of brands’ digital strategy. With the help of chatbots, brands offer tremendous value at each stage of the customer journey.

Use cases powered by chatbots are numerous, enabling brands to personalize the shopping experiences, amplify engagement, generate leads, and more.

In our blog article, we discuss how your brand can leverage chatbots as part of your marketing strategy.

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10 Reasons Your Brand Should Be On WhatsApp

The launch of WhatsApp Business API in 2018 opened a new set of business opportunities for brands.

With a WhatsApp business account, brands have the capability to drive end-to-end customer engagement from acquisition to customer delight.

WhatsApp is both a marketing and sales channel — and brands are able to initiate a two-way communication with users on their preferred and most popular app.

It’s a no-brainer for brands to be on WhatsApp to leverage its full potential, but what about brands that aren’t on the channel yet?

In our blog article, we provide you with 10 reasons your brand should be on WhatsApp.

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“WhatsApp is not only a popular channel among the Gen-Z and Millennials, it’s also one with low friction for user adoption. With WhatsApp Business API, EdTech brands can engage with students and maximize the potential of the channel.

What also makes WhatsApp the perfect fit for EdTech brands are the interactive UI elements and the marketing notification-based features. These help make the conversations between brands and students more personal and conversational.

Our blog article gives you a lowdown of all the key WhatsApp commerce use cases for EdTech brands, including:

Student notifications
Enrollment process automation
Alerts & reminders

And so much more!

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“The Direct-to-Consumer or D2C market size in India is expected to grow by 15 times by 2025 as the sector becomes more profitable and competitive.

Amid an ever-growing need for personalized customer experience, WhatsApp Commerce can help D2C brands fulfill customer expectations and power an end-to-end shopping journey on the customers’ preferred channels.

WhatsApp commerce can power a wide range of high-value use cases for D2C businesses, including lead generation, personalized buying guidance, upsell and cross-sell, and so much more.

In our blog, we explain how D2C businesses can unlock the immense potential of WhatsApp Commerce and win lifelong customers.
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“Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly key role in the financial industry to meet evolving user expectations.

A growing number of financial companies are experimenting with chatbots to offer new and superior services to customers.

After all, chatbots help improve customer experience, while helping the BFSI sector optimize costs and streamline operations. Using chatbots, financial companies can automate a multitude of business processes to alleviate the load on the support agents and improve efficiency.

In our blog, we enlist some of the best financial chatbots for use cases such as banking and accounts services, self-service insurance transactions, voice-enabled virtual assistants, and more.

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“Customers today demand faster and personalized banking.

The launch of WhatsApp Business API has helped financial institutions make banking convenient for their customers — driving a wide range of use cases that result in customer delight and increased growth opportunities.

WhatsApp commerce is a solution that helps the entire BFSI sector cater to customers at every step of their lifecycle, starting with onboarding and all the way up to post-purchase support.

It’s become necessary for financial institutions to meet customers where they already are instead of making them switch between platforms.

In our blog, we explain the key use cases of WhatsApp commerce in the banking and finance industry.

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“Modern consumers want to connect with brands in a personalized and convenient manner that’s also quick. Conversational AI is enabling brands to cater to the modern consumer, with data indicating that 67% of global consumers have interacted with an AI chatbot in the last year.

Conversational AI can help companies to close more sales, generate revenue and drive exponential growth.

There are plenty of reasons behind conversational AI’s enormous potential to boost sales for your brand.

Whether it’s omnichannel presence, increased lead-generation capability, or personalized selling, conversational AI can help your brand achieve your sales goals.

In our blog, we explain how conversational AI can help you sell more.

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The WhatsApp Business API is a powerful communication tool for brands as it helps provide a superior customer experience in addition to driving better commerce.

Brands can leverage WhatsApp message templates to design their WhatsApp chatbot journey.

However, with stringent messaging guidelines to adhere to, initiating communication on WhatsApp might seem challenging.

While it might be straightforward to create a WhatsApp message template, brands must employ best practices and use critical points to avoid rejection from WhatsApp.

In our blog article, we enlist the various WhatsApp message templates that fall into 10 different categories.

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6 Best WhatsApp Chatbots in India

“For brands that want to drive engagement, offer phenomenal support and achieve their sales goals, WhatsApp is the channel to be on.

Brands can harness WhatsApp chatbots to:

Drive real-time conversations with instant messaging
Enable customers to explore product catalog
Deliver best-in-class virtual support
Reinforce trust with customers

While WhatsApp chatbots provide powerful capabilities, brands must make sure their bot solves existing support and business challenges, understand customer’s intent and context, and be easy to set up.

In our blog article, we enlist six of the best WhatsApp chatbots that are helping Indian brands to drive sales and support like never before.

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