Businesses now realize the need for a customer-centric approach to transforming their customer experience (CX). According to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2021, 75 percent of company leaders agreed that the global pandemic accelerated the acquisition of new technologies to get customer-centricity right.

But, there are challenges too.

  • Some of the businesses don’t have the systems and technology to segment and profile customers.
  • Some lack the processes and operational capabilities.
  • Some of them don’t have all of the components in place to claim they are customer-centric.
  • Few don’t know what their customers expect and how they want to interact…

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) became viable for enterprises, it was only a matter of time before businesses turned to AI-powered IVAs and Chatbots as smarter conversational solutions to meet the ever-growing customer expectation.

Earlier, customers struggled to interact efficiently with brands. There were few pain points like long wait times, inefficient customer service, lack of personalization, etc. But now, the customer experience landscape tells a surprisingly different story. Innovations in artificial intelligence have changed the way businesses used to communicate with their customers.

According to Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse survey, 23% of US consumers said that their expectations from customer…

Every year, nearly 20 million students enroll in universities across the United States. Given how important the choice of a college can be for a person’s academic and professional career, students understandably have a lotof questions about majors, eligibility, tuition, campus life, faculty, and more, while going through the process of selecting a university. And as universities compete to get on board students who are the right ‘fit’, it is important for them to not only provide the right answers to prospective students’ queries but also to effectively communicate precisely what they have to offer.

Colleges invest a lot of…

We've done it ONCE AGAIN! ⭐

For the second quarter in a row, Haptik has been recognized as a category leader for Bots Platform and Live Chat in the G2 Summer 2021 report!

Haptik now ranks at #1 internationally for Enterprises in the Bots Platform Category, up from #8 in the previous quarter, demonstrating our commitment to always improve and provide premier quality, virtual assistants.

We’ve received eleven G2 badges in all including categories like Live Chat and Customer Self-support!

Team Haptik is ecstatic to be recognized as a category leader in the G2 Summer 2021 report and we want…

If there is a silver lining somewhere with the COVID-19 pandemic engulfing the globe, it’s that we have been forced to introspect on the healthcare sector, both public and private, and whether it has the tools it needs — not only to deal with such crises, but to ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes even under normal circumstances.

There can be no substitute for the inspiring efforts of doctors, medics and other healthcare providers, as the current crisis has demonstrated.

WhatsApp Commerce has been the engine behind the growth of many small and large-scale companies. It has evolved into a full-blown channel that brands are leveraging to sell and transact with their customers, emerging as the most efficient channel to buy and sell digitally. You are leaving serious money on the table if you’re not unleashing the true potential of WhatsApp Business API. (It is home to 2 billion+ active users, across the world!)

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that WhatsApp is the ONLY channel that a few brands leverage to connect with their customers. …

It is said that the language keeps changing every 100 miles you travel, irrespective of your demographics or direction. But, when it comes to expanding your business globally, you need to be capable of communicating in multiple languages no matter what your geographical location is. Businesses are now able to see the benefits of being multilingual while communicating with global customers as they expand their territories for revenue growth.

Since multilingual capabilities are not possessed by every human agent communicating with customers, business strategists are now targeting to deploy AI-powered intelligent chatbots into their support system. …

Consumer behavior has witnessed a whirlwind of changes in the past decade. Technological developments have enabled all industries to embrace digital transformation at scale. According to IDC, by 2023, digital transformation investment is expected to approach $7 trillion as companies build on existing strategies and investments, becoming digital-at-scale future enterprises.

The Customer Experience Officer has snatched away advertising budgets. And, rightly so. Customers no longer care about which celebrity is promoting the products. They demand the finest experience across all touchpoints — online and offline. …

For many years, WhatsApp has served as an informal channel for commerce. And it has increased even more during COVID-19, as the need for shopping assistance across a buyer’s journey has never been stronger. That’s why some of the updates unveiled at Facebook’s recent F8 Refresh conference are so crucial. WhatsApp has introduced two new interactive elements for the Business API: List Messages and Quick Reply buttons, making it easier for brands to have conversations with their customers.

At Haptik, we have been a part of the beta release of these feature updates and have implemented them for Reliance Jio…

According to a report released by transaction advisory firm RBSA Advisors , the Indian ed-tech industry’s market size is set to reach $30 billion in 10 years. The country has become the second-largest market for E-learning after the US.

India is also home to some of the most prestigious institutes in the world. The IITs and the IIMs have a track record of producing global leaders. The country also has some of the largest ed-tech startups in the world.

The usage of technology in the education sector was only limited to classrooms. …


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